Saturday School

Spanish Immersion Saturday School

Sept. 14, 2024 - June 7, 2025

ChiCeLaCu’s Saturday Schools welcome heritage and proficient Spanish speakers as well as language learners. Classes run from September to June. Teachers set academic goals and objectives for the year and assign reading and writing homework. To update parents on their child’s progress and showcase student achievement, ChiCeLaCu offers parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, and interactive class presentations. ChiCeLaCu Fairfax accepts children starting in kindergarten, while ChiCeLaCu Tysons accepts students starting at 4 years old, provided they have been in a preschool environment the previous year.

Spanish for heritage and highly proficient speakers:

This accelerated program applies a rigorous Spanish for Native Speakers Curriculum that places a strong emphasis on reading, writing, grammar, handwriting, geography, and history. In addition, students choose between math, drawing, and coding as optional Spanish enrichment classes. Children joining this program are already fluent or highly proficient in the language and thus greater focus is placed upon developing more advanced verbal, reading and writing competencies.

Spanish for language learners

ChiCeLaCu Tysons’ Saturday School for Language Learners welcomes children new to the language as well as those at the beginner and intermediate levels. Conversational fluency is achieved and/or improved through fun, interactive activities, including storytelling, arts and crafts, poetry, creative reading, writing, role-playing, and drawing.